Introducing Tomato Tuesday - the Meme!

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Welcome to Tomato Tuesday!  I love tomatoes! I love learning new things about tomato gardening and cooking with tomatoes.

Tomatos I write about tomatoes on my blog all the time and I know others do too. Problem is, there are so many garden blogs out there that I don't always get to read those great tomato posts. What about you?

This new meme will attempt to give all of us the chance to see all the tomato writings out there - provided you spread the word about Tomato Tuesday so people will add their links.

This is brand new and I've never run a meme (I've not even participated in many before) so I expect we will start slowly. But we must start now so it is in full swing by the main growing season for most of us in the United States.

This is open to anyone. I would like for us to work toward posting about tomatoes on Tuesdays and then linking on that week's TT meme, but to get us started I would allow old tomato posts as well and you can add you link even if its not Tuesday. I will start next week's post/meme and all future ones at 5:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

So lets get started....

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Making Use of Snow in the Vegetable Garden

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With the latest round of snowfall still covering the ground here in Central PA I figured I would try to make the best of the situation by putting together a list of my favorite uses for the white stuff in and around the veggie garden.

Take a look and pick your favorite snowy perk or come up with your own ideas to help frustrated gardeners appreciate all the snow that has come our way this winter! Here’s my list of benefits to be enjoyed out in a snowy garden:

Snow Bound Garden Making Use of Snow in the Vegetable Garden

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Grow Black Oil Sunflower Seeds For Your Wild Birds

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Peredovik Black Oil Sunflower.

Peredovik-sunflower I just came back from the bird store where I got some black oil sunflower seeds for my wild birds when I thought why not grow my own for next year? My favorite is the Titan sunflower which has a striped seed.  Black oil seeds compared to striped sunflower seeds have a higher oil content and are meatier. They are also easier for small birds to crack open. I already cut off the sunflower heads from sunflowers for the birds so why not give them what is really good for them. One variety that I found is Peredovik Black Oil Sunflower Seed from Russia.

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Double the Attraction with the Sip&Seed Water and Seed Bird Feeder


Harvesting from my indoor garden Monday

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As mentioned in my Too Many Seeds post, I started an indoor salad box where I tossed seeds from edible greens to grow a little cut and come again. The peas seem to be very vigorous still so they were the first on the menu: pea shoot omelets. One kid loved it, one kid was suspicious of the colored bits in their egg matrix.

Other things you can shoot this winter:

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2010 Tomato Album

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I meant to do this post a few months ago but never got around it. With 2010 coming to a close, I guess now would be a good time. As a tribute to the best tomato growing season we've seen here in New England in quite some time (or so I've been told), here are my notes and thoughts regarding the varieties I grew this year. In no particular order:

Black from tula
Black from Tula - I was really surprised by this black tomato. Not only did it produce well but the flavor was rich and sweet and just as good as Cherokee Purple in my opinion. I will definitely be growing it again next year.

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Embrace the Three Sisters to Maximize Garden Space

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Corn-and-Squash-300x236 Geoff Wakeling recently shared an article about growing strawberries in the home garden, and now returns to present an idea borrowed from the Native Americans for planting three different crops together to improve the growth and production of each one…

For many vegetable gardeners, having everything growing in perfectly straight lines, boxes, and neat formations is one of the appeals that they aspire to. There is nothing like the sight of a beautifully conditioned and formal vegetable patch to inspire the growing mood.

However, if you want to really utilize space as best you can then creating a vegetable bed using the three sisters’ method is ideal, but it also means that you will have to embrace a somewhat messy looking style of gardening.

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survival seed vault


Roasted Butternut Squash

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Roasted Butternut Squash


This is one of our favorite side dishes! We can eat almost a whole squash! It is very easy and simple and compliments any fall or winter meal!
1 large Butternut Squash
2 Cloves Garlic
1 TBS Sea Salt
2 tsp Pepper
4 TBS Olive Oil
Peel the entire squash whole with a vegetable peeler. Cut in half.

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